Different dogs have different diets. Some specialized diets are a result of veterinarian prescription while others are just a personal choice of pet owners to spoil their furbabies. Dog parents are familiar with the daily struggle against overfeeding their beloved pets. In fact, some owners give in to those puppy eyes and slip into their meals a piece or two of human food.

However, at the end of the day, pet owners should exercise caution in selecting the proper dog food as these very choices can be critical to their dogs’ lives. Pet toxicity is a matter that should not be taken lightly. Here are some human foods that are toxic for dogs and must be avoided at all costs:

1. Chocolate
These yummy human treats can be fatal when ingested by dogs. Chocolates contain methylxanthines which serve to prevent a dog’s metabolism. When consumed, chocolates can cause a variety of health concerns and possibly even death. Among the many dangerous effects of chocolates to dogs are diarrhea, seizure, and heart failure. While a choco treat is a luxury for the human palate, it is definitely life threatening for dogs.

2. Almonds
Although almonds do not contain toxic substances, what makes them harmful is their physical structure. Humans can chew and grind nuts, mashing them into a soft consistency. Dogs cannot do this. The nuts, if not chewed properly, can either block the esophagus or destroy the windpipe of your dog. Belonging to the same nut family, macadamias are also said to be dangerous to dogs.

3. Garlic
Garlic and onions are sources of pet toxicity, quite unlike in human counterparts where these allium plants promote good health. In dogs, garlic can cause anemia and increased heart rate. In worse cases, it can make your dogs too weak until they collapse.

4. Cinnamon
While cinnamon is a human treat, it’s toxic to fur babies because its oils cause irritation in their mouths. Although sweet, cinnamon actually works to lower your dog’s blood sugar level. Dangerously low blood sugar levels can then lead to diarrhea and liver disease.

5. Alcohol
It’s not good for humans and it’s toxic for dogs! Dogs can also get intoxicated if they consume alcohol. Intoxication can lead to health problems ranging from disorientation to organ failure and even death. Just as humans must avoid too much alcohol consumption, so too should that liquor bottle be kept as far away as possible from your furbaby.