Eye palettes work not only to lend your eyes a gorgeous look but to also hide dark circles and draw more attention to your eyes. It is a must-have product in your makeup kit.

Factors to consider while buying the right eye palette
When buying an eye palette, keep in mind your skin tone, personality, the color of your eyes, etc.

Palettes to suit your eye color

  • Blue eyes are quite striking by themselves and do not need much effort. Simple tones such as terracotta hues, copper, and bronze shades can be enough to add an extra sparkle to the eyes. Matte tones work better than shimmery hues. Orange undertones also work well on blue eyes.
  • Those with brown eyes can rejoice as eye palettes consisting of any shade would look amazing. Neutral shades can also be a good option. Forest green bring out the beauty of brown eyes, while mint hues add the right dramatic effect.
  • There are quite a lot of options for green eyes. One of the best options for the daring ones is purple, the color opposite green in the color wheel, as suggested by experts. Any shade from the lavender palette will work fine. Gold, burnt orange, mustard, rich sienna, and warm peaches are also a great choice for green eyes.
  • A palette with versatile hues will be just right for the perfect hazel eyes.

Tips to keep in mind when buying eyeshadow palettes

  • Look at all the shades
    Before buying, assess all the colors in the palette and think about how you can use them. Buy a palette only if you are sure that all the colors will suit you.
  • The right brush is a necessity
    Just as an artist needs the right paint brushes for his masterpiece, so does an eye palette. It can work wonders only if you have the best brushes. The three basic and most essential brushes you need to have are the blending brush, a flat brush, and a crease brush.
  • Get a versatile eye palette
    If you want a good eye palette, it is essential that you look for a versatile one. Look for a palette that has shades that you can wear during the day and the night as well. This way you won’t have to invest in two different products.
  • The price
    A common misconception is that expensive makeup products are the best. It is not necessarily true as there are some great palette options available at a lower price. Along with the price, look for colors that match your style too.
  • Stick to the basics
    When using palettes for the first time, it is best to stick to neutral shades before gradually moving on to the darker hues. Check the shades on your forearm to get an idea of how they will look on you.

Only when you are sure about all the factors you are looking for, you will be able to make the right decision. Additionally, spending time choosing the correct one will help you understand the different options available out there.