These days, everybody is looking for the fountain of youth that guarantees flawless skin and age-defying features. Sadly, such a fountain does not exist, and people are often misguided by advertisements of chemical treatments that claim to make their wrinkles vanish. Most people are unaware that it is possible to fight premature facial wrinkles and prevent skin damage by simply getting rid of some apparently “harmless” habits.

  • Sleeping on your tummy? Turn around
    Most of us wouldn’t consider sleeping on our abdomen a likely cause of facial wrinkles. Sadly, this habit has been implicated in the development of facial wrinkles at a very early age. When you sleep on your abdomen, your face presses against the pillow or the mattress. Regardless of the softness of these surfaces, they tend to make crease marks on your face. Over time, these marks may develop into wrinkles.
    In order to avoid this, you simply have to let go of this posture and adopt a new posture that involves sleeping on your sides or your back. This is a very simple yet very effective way to delay those ugly-looking wrinkles that spoil the beauty of your face.
  • Take a break from your phone and computer
    Modern lifestyle has made it impossible to live without electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops. However, very few people realize that looking at phones and computers puts undue strain on the neck. Most people don’t realize that while looking at screens, they frequently contract and release the skin near their eyes. All these result in wrinkles on the neck and face.
    A simple way out of this potential problem is to minimize screen time and maintain a good posture while using electronic gadgets. This is a sure shot way to maintain taut and supple skin and avoid back pain.
  • Refrain from smoking
    Smoking is already associated with so many dangerous diseases that it is always advisable to quit this habit. One more benefit of not smoking is that it results in healthy and happy-looking skin that is devoid of nasty facial wrinkles. As soon as you give up smoking, your blood circulation improves and the skin cells are able to receive more nutrition. It is, therefore, a win-win situation of having to spend less on beauty treatments, along with enjoying the many health benefits of quitting smoking.
  • Limit exposure to damaging rays of the sun
    If you are an outdoor enthusiast, it may be difficult to stay away from sunlight. However, you can still cut down exposure to harmful UV rays by applying a generous amount of sunscreen. If you skip this ritual, your skin is exposed to the high-energy solar rays that cause irreversible damage and cause facial wrinkles. Carrying an umbrella and wearing a hat that shades your face are some other ways to limit this harmful exposure.

Facial wrinkles are inevitable and very difficult to get rid of. However, it is possible to delay their onset if you keep the aforementioned points in mind and maintain a healthy lifestyle.