A good and consistent lawn maintenance routine ensures your lawn is lush and healthy. When caring for your lawn, there are certain tasks that you’ll handle daily and weekly on your own. Sometimes, you can hire a professional who offers lawn care services for bigger projects—like tree removal, regrading your lawn, and etc. To ensure your lawn is healthy at all times, you consider the following healthy yard care tips:

1. Fertilize and mulch for growth
In your lawn care routine, you should include adding fertilizer and mulching. Fertilizing the lawn is easy, and you can handle it on your own. You only need high-quality fertilizer and a lawn spreader. The fertilizer should also meet the needs of the grass variety in your lawn. For a small lawn, the drop spreader will suffice. For a large lawn, a broadcast spreader is the most suitable option. Before fertilizing the lawn, you need to water it adequately a few days before the fertilizer application. You also need to ensure the lawn spreader is ready. Before applying the fertilizer, you should check the guidelines for adjusting the spreader settings.

2. Water in the morning
Adequate water is important if you want to have a healthy lawn. There is no need to water the lawn daily unless there are new grass seeds. If the grass is fully grown, you should water it at least three times weekly. You can use a sprinkler and ensure it covers the whole area. Besides, you should water your lawn in the morning for the best results.

3. Aeration for oxygenating soil
The grass roots require nutrients, water, and oxygen. Aeration involves the removal of small amounts of soil, and the grass is set to benefit significantly. Through aeration, the air-to-soil interaction and drainage will improve significantly. The fertilizer and water will also penetrate the soil easily. Soil compaction will also reduce, and the roots will have enough space to grow. Timing is a major factor to consider. Aeration should be carried out during spring. After aerating the soil, you can go ahead and kill the weeds. It is advisable to use natural products when getting rid of the weeds on your lawn.

4. Hiring professional lawn care services
When you hire a landscaping expert, they will evaluate your needs and expectations first. They will then formulate a lawn care routine to ensure your lawn is healthy as expected. Keep in mind that professionals who offer lawn care services have undergone training and will offer subtle advice on ensuring your lawn is healthy throughout.

5. Mow your grass set to high
The main reason you should mow your grass high is that a third of the grass blade’s top usually decomposes fast when you cut it, contributing significantly to the nutritional needs of your lawn. As it decomposes, the light layer will also help slow water evaporation, and the weeds will no longer germinate. The lower parts of the grass are tough, and they decompose slowly. If the lower parts are thick enough, they will prevent air, sunlight, nutrients, and water from reaching the soil. If you mow your grass low, the grass roots will experience shock, and the stems will be exposed and burn because of being exposed to direct sunlight.

A healthy lawn adds to the visual appeal of your home. By adhering to the tips listed above, you can ensure your lawn is always healthy.