It is easy to fall into a rut and keep choosing the same cosmetics over and over again. This is especially true if you have found a lipstick that suits your skin tone perfectly or the foundation that hides the blemishes just right without being too heavy. But the thing is, the cosmetic industry is constantly coming up with new inventions to make one’s makeup routine more fun and even better. There are a plethora of new products in the market every day and you are missing out if you refuse to experiment every once in a while. Nowadays, there is a huge range of lipsticks, lip glosses, and stains available for discerning customers, letting them pick exactly what kind of look and finish they want, in their preferred price range. But a lot of people still don’t know the difference between these products. While you can use the terms interchangeably, truth is, the products have enough differences to be completely separate from one another. Lip glosses and stains, in particular, tend to get confused since they are similar in look and feel at first. Let us look at lip glosses and stains in detail so as to understand them better.

  • Lip gloss
    Lip glosses come in a variety of shades to appeal to people across various age groups and having different skin tones. There are multiple varieties of lip glosses depending upon the purpose they serve, namely— sheer, glitter, full color, SPF protection, among many others. While some of them may give you a sheen after being applied, others may give you a more natural look, with just a slight hint of color. The selection completely depends upon what effect the user might want to go with. Lip glosses, contrary to lip stains, are extremely beneficial for people with dry lips since they tend to have a moisturizing effect which is great for the delicate skin of the lips.
    Lip glosses do not have a tendency to stay put for too long. Hence, if you’re looking for long-lasting color then you have to keep re-applying the product. It also remains moist for a longer period and can get messy at times.
  • Lip stains
    Lip stains are an excellent option for anyone who wants all-day color with no upkeep since these liquid-based lip products are as good as painted onto the lips. Once they have dried out completely, they can easily last anywhere between 8-12 hours on your lips without re-application. At times, the matte stains are so enduring that you might actually need a makeup remover to take them off your lips. The only thing that you need to consider when it comes to lip stains is that you need to be careful and perfect with its application since it doesn’t come off easily after drying. So, it is always best to apply a moisturizing balm onto your lips before the application of a lip stain since they can be very dry at times.
    People who want color to last all day long and do not like the feel of lipstick can easily opt for lip stains since they feel lighter on the lips. Similar to lip gloss, lip stains also come in a variety of vibrant as well as natural color options which also makes them a complete go-to product.