The kidneys are the bean-shaped organs that work as the waste filtration system of the body. They support the body by filtering the blood 12 times per hour. The disposal of excess water and unwanted chemicals or blood waste is done through urine. When one suffers from any of the kidney diseases, their kidney will not work properly. Therefore, it will affect the filtration of the blood. There will be no symptom of kidney disease for a long duration of time and hence, it is called as the silent disease.

Chronic kidney disease
This type of kidney disease is also known as chronic kidney failure. This implies that one can observe a slow loss of the function of the kidney. In a normal condition, the kidneys are used for the filtration of wastes and excess fluids from the blood. This waste is then excreted through the urine. With the advancement of this disease, the level of excess fluids, electrolytes, and other wastes start building in the body. This disease is very harmful to the body. One can get treatment of this disease by slowing down the kidney damage. They can also utilize dialysis support or kidney transplant for the treatment of this disease.

Kidney stones
Another common type of kidney disease is kidney stones. Kidney stones occur in the body because of the accumulation of minerals and different substances in the blood in the kidneys and this leads to the formation of solid masses called stones. These kidney stones are generally excreted from the body during urination. Most of the time, there will be no problem in passing out these kidney stones but it is an extremely painful process.

There are minute structures that are present in the kidney and they are known as glomeruli. These glomeruli assist in the filtration of blood in the kidneys. The disease in which there is an inflammation of the glomeruli is known as glomerulonephritis. There are various reasons that can cause glomerulonephritis like different drugs, several infections, or congenital abnormalities. This condition generally improves on its own.

Polycystic kidney disease
Polycystic kidney disease is the disorder of the kidney that is caused because of genetic factors. In this disease, there will be the formation of a lot of cysts in the kidneys. These cysts are very harmful to the functioning of the kidneys. So, when one suffers from this disorder, their kidneys do not work properly and, hence, it can cause the failure of the kidneys. One should also be aware of the fact that there are several individual cysts in the kidney, which are very common problems of the kidneys. Hence, one doesn’t have to worry about those cysts. But the polycystic kidney disease is not a very common problem and it is a very serious condition that should be treated as early as possible.

These are some of the kidney diseases that have to be cured as soon as they are diagnosed. One should always consult a doctor if they notice any signs and symptoms of kidney disease. Consultation at the right time can help with effective and timely treatment measures.