It is widely believed in men’s fashion that the key to looking well-dressed is more about how you wear clothes than what you wear. For a majority of men, fashion is a concept that doesn’t hold much interest or importance. While it doesn’t mean that these men do not dress well, as it usually happens, that is the reason why a particular outfit may look appealing and still gets lost in translation. This results in a total difference between what they think and how they look. Even though this isn’t a criticism of your ability to dress up well, it is an adverse consequence of the belief that fashion is a topic meant for women. This is due to the notion that, for women, clothing is an art rather than a tool. Here are some tips you can follow to break this notion and look good:

  • Invest in a well-tailored suit
    When it comes to men’s fashion, the key aspect to look out for in a suit is the fit. If you’re purchasing high-street suits, give proper attention to how the suit fits across the shoulders, as it can be later altered at the waist and chest with ease. When it comes to style, the most useful and best suit is the classic two-button, dark, single-breasted suit, with moderate amounts of detail. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not boring. It is advised to think of a suit as a uniform. The idea of a suit is to have a canvas that highlights different areas of your body individually. This provides support to the statement: the primary point of focus is how you wear it, rather than the label inside.
  • Invest wisely in a watch
    The managing director of the British brand of watches, Vertex, states that a watch is equivalent to a piece of art. It is advised that you should choose a particular watch because you love it, rather than for it being expensive. Watches are considered an integral part of men’s fashion and are incredibly personal objects. In terms of looks, a functional and rugged sports model can look good with anything. Additionally, it can take the wear and tear of daily use. However, it’s important that the watch fits you. It should be just the right size and depth for your wrist, along with being comfortable.
  • Spend money on shoes
    A simpler design, among many other things, is what makes shoes timeless. The patter, color, and sole are not something that should look weird. Anything fussy might appear pleasing for now but can look peculiar quickly. When selecting shoes, go for traditional styles like loafers, brogues, and the like.
  • Don’t shy away from color
    Remember to include a little color, whether it’s in casual wear or formal wear. A majority of men are tremendously reluctant to do this. Unfortunately, anything that doesn’t come in grey or navy is avoided. Renowned men’s fashion designer, Oliver Spencer, states that less is more when it comes to color. It is imperative to have at least a bit of color in every garment and every style you choose to dress in.