Mascara has been used for ages to thicken, volumized, darken and lengthen eyelashes. However, with all mascara beauty-enhancing traits, many people avoid it because of the clumps, flakes, smudges and eye irritation that comes with application. There are several ways to ensure proper and safe application of your mascara. Your eyes are highly sensitive, and you must apply any eye makeup carefully with sanitation in mind.

Below are common problems with mascara application and tips on how to avoid them:

1. Clumps
The key to removing clumps from lashes is to use a lash-hugging brush and moisturizing formula. It is also helpful to wipe off excess product before applying mascara. You should choose a mascara that contains glycerin and beeswax. This formula, with a brush that distributes it evenly from tip to root, gives your lashes a clump-free finish. If your mascara does not have this formula use a toothbrush to comb the lashes and remove spider eyes. Tip: Swipe the mascara on while you gently wiggle the brush.

2. Flakes
Mascaras that contain a high concentration of oil and waxes are effective at getting rid of flakes. The formula attaches to your natural hairs, making it less likely to spray undesired pigment on your face. The use of a lash primer, which is a precondition formula can also prevent flaking. It lengthens mascara, volumized lashes and makes them last longer. You should apply one coat and then wait until the lashes are sticky and then apply the second coat. For optimum results, you should touch up your mascara throughout the day.

3. Irritation
Mascara with hypoallergenic formula is a natural choice for people with sensitive eyes. You should avoid mascara with dyes that are brightly tinted since they can irritate the eye area. You should choose a mascara with a gentle formula that gives bolder and plusher eyelashes without side effects.

4. Smudges
Smudges under your eye can be avoided by choosing a mascara formula that contains mineral and silicone. This formula can help mascara stay put long and dry faster. If the smudges are due to unsteady hands, you can place a liner between your skin and lashes during application.

5. Mascara application hacks
You can also place a spoon or credit card over the eyelid to avoid fixing flubs with cover-up and remover. A spoon can curl your lashes as well. Simply, place the spoon forward and place the edge along the lash line. Gently press the eyelashes with your index finger while you pull and rotate the spoon upwards in a curling motion so that the edge of the spoon touches the tips of your eyelashes.

6. Long-lasting mascara wear
If you want long-lasting mascara, waterproof mascara is the best solution because it lasts longer compared to non-waterproof mascara. It is great for pool parties and it lasts throughout the day. The formula consists of paraffin and beeswax, which hugs your lashes. Just apply one coat or two coats, and it will last all day.

7. Short and thinning eyelashes
Lengthening mascara and thickening mascara has been used for years to help with short and thinning eyelashes. Thicken mascara is used to darken, volumized and lengthen lashes. The mascara formula includes vitamin B5, which nourishes the eyelashes, and it can boost eyelashes volume up to five times. The formula glides on, and it does not smudge or smear.