Bras are an absolute necessity for all women. While all women have a variety of different bras in their drawer, most of us have yet to find the perfect bra that we cannot wait to wear. The majority of women wear bras that are uncomfortable because we have never been properly sized for a bra. We are often left wearing bras that are a poor fit and either too tight or too loose. We also wear bras that are the wrong cup size or ones that have a lack of support.

It is crucial that all women understand the benefits that each type of bra has. Here are some of the top bra styles and their benefits:

1. Sports bra
Almost every woman has at least one sports bra in their drawer. A sport’s bra is ideal for added support while you exercise. They limit breast movement while you move and make it much easier to exercise and move around. Many of these bras also regulate the amount of sweat that is captured in the breast area. These bras are very comfortable if you find the right fit. Many of the top bras also come with storage compartments that allow you to store your keys, phone, or even money while you run for added convenience.

2. Push up bra
Almost all women also have a pushup bra in their drawers. These bras are ideal to wear when you have an important meeting, a date, or a special occasion that you are attending. These bras provide more support than other bras and can be much more comfortable, depending on the brand that you purchase. The added lining and padding of push up bras help secure your breasts throughout the day and can even make your breasts look bigger.

3. Strapless bra
The main benefit of wearing a strapless bra is that you can wear it with almost any outfit. These bras allow you to wear strapless dresses, halter shirts, and other stylish clothes without having to worry about your bra strap showing. Most women do not like having their bra strap show so these bras can often increase your confidence level since you do not have to worry about a strap popping out. These bras allow you to have support for your breasts while wearing any clothes that you want.

4. Pasties
Pasties are a popular type of bra, but not all women have them. These are not the traditional bra because they are typically just a piece of silicone that you place over your nipple. They are ideal for evening gowns and special occasions. They allow you to have coverage of your nipples without having to worry about covering up your bra or bra strap. They act as the ideal barrier to prevent chafing of your nipple.

5. Get a professional bra fitting
All women should get professionally fit to find their perfect cup size so that they can feel more comfortable and confident each day in their own skin.