Ladies, if you haven’t thought about how you wanted to express your fashion swag yet this spring, do it now by purchasing a popular designer purse. Only a few on the market deliver the fierceness of fashion expression to match everyday styles. Nothing says you’re “trending now” like a name brand handbag swinging from your shoulder. It’s getting warmer out, you’re already on fashion fire, so why shouldn’t your purse let everyone know you know what’s hot?

1. Céline
Discover a fashionable new you with the many dignified styles of Celine. Always a great “go-to” pick for ladies looking to be just as sought after as their choice of designer purse. A designer purse by Celine will bring that touch of elegance and class businesswomen can truly appreciate. This brand is well known for its minimalism and “grown-up” styles, perfect as a powerful fashion accessory for women taking the business world by storm.

2. Chanel
These designer handbags are timeless and exquisite. Nothing says “always in fashion” like this perfect choice in ladies’ purses. Known for stylish durability, these name brand handbags make the perfect accessory for women who want their purse to continue making fashion statements for years to come. Chanel selections are priceless because they are exclusive, which is what you want your handbag to say about you.

3. Christian Dior
This leader in luxury designer purses always breaks the mold with new amazing styles that bring an edge of excitement to any wardrobe selection. Great for standing out of a crowd on ladies night out. This favored brand is always exquisitely handcrafted to steal the spotlight, landing it right on you. Set the world on fire, a selection by Christian Dior can handle the heat.

4. Coach
Let everyone know you’re the real deal with these authentic classic designer handbags. This iconic name brand selection brings dignity and style to a woman on the go, be it to the boardroom or night club. With classy construction and timeless elegance, a Coach handbag says it all so you don’t have to. Made with real leather, this name brand remains a superior selection with it’s promise of quality and style.

5. Gucci
This season, aim to get noticed by swinging a Gucci handbag from your shoulder. This fashion titan sets the bar with any selection. They have it all: crossbody, belt bags, shoulder bags or delicate clutch purses, this designer always brings their A game to the style arena. With that refined and easily recognizable label, you’ll be the source of many envious glances as you announce yourself to the world’s daily stage.

6. Louis Vuitton
This ready-to-wear label always has its sights on the horizon and stays in vogue ahead of a world in constant motion. Known for being waterproof and fireproof, a Louis Vuitton bag isn’t just a fashion win, it’s practical and wise. Elegant and refined, handbags by this designer should be on every woman’s wish list for staying ahead of the fashion curve. Choosing one of Vuitton’s handbags will guarantee you’ll be making fashion headlines no matter what the season.

Now with your wish list complete, it’s time to shop and any of these are a guaranteed fashion win.