Accessories are a part of most people’s style statements. They really define you. Be it a watch or a nice pair of shades, your personality gets enhanced by using the right clothing accessories. So, if you are just starting out on your fashion journey, then you can consider the following accessories to enhance your look.

While most people end up wearing socks for warmth, it is a lesser known fact that it can act as the perfect fashion statement as well. Socks can brighten up any simple outfit and add the formal touch to a meeting. Depending on the occasion and the requirement, you can pick out the pattern and pair it up with your favorite pair of shoes.

Gloves are definitely one of the clothing accessories that you cannot live without during the winters. Be it in leather or woolen, there are gloves available in many colors and fabrics. Additionally, they can make you look either all sporty or all feminine, depending upon the look you wish to flaunt that day. Pair up your favorite gloves with a simple casual dress or wear them for work with an overcoat, they work well with every outfit.

A tie is perfect for giving a normal shirt and jeans the perfect formal look. But it is mostly worn with suits and is usually used for formal occasions. Also, with gender equality becoming more prevalent, there is nothing like no ties for women. A casual addition of a tie is very popular with women nowadays.

Belts are not only available in wide or thin width but they come in all sorts of materials nowadays. One of the best ways to add style to your look is by pairing up a loose dress with a waist belt. Additionally, tucking in a shirt and wearing a leather belt makes for a classic and completes the look. Belts are not only great for fitting but also add the much-needed definition to many outfits.

Another underrated member on our list of clothing accessories is a good old hat. It is not only a thing of summer anymore, but also rules many runways in the fashion world. While the whole royal feeling associated with it cannot be undermined, you can simply use the much-subdued version, a cap to don your sporty side.

Albeit an odd one, an umbrella can add to your fashion sense considerably. Imagine being stuck in midst of a hailstorm or trying to escape the sun, an umbrella would make for a perfect companion. It goes with summer dresses, trench coats and can complete your winter look remarkably.

To know the true value of handbags, you must ask a woman. From dirt cheap stuff at a flea market to spending thousands of dollars on designer bags, handbags are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and variants. Additionally, you can separate your collection based on the nature of the meetup. Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual night out, a handbag would be your true fashion companion.