Everyone thinks that winter clothing and fashion cannot go hand in hand. This is not true. By just pairing stylish yet warm accessories, any winter wear can be made chic and fashionable. Finding the right accessories that serve the purpose of keeping the person warm and making a style statement is a bit difficult. All the clothing accessories mentioned in this article can be found easily. Read on to find out more about how to pair accessories to look stylish this winter.

These cute hats serve the dual purpose of keeping the person warm as well as looking stylish. Look for a hand knit beanie. These are available in multiple colors and can be paired with all kinds of casual wear. From using them for a date night to a casual catch up with friends, they can be paired up with a multitude of dresses.

Scarves are the only clothing accessory that can be used in all seasons, of course, the material may differ. Woollen, cashmere, and Pashmina are some materials suitable for winter. These are also available in a variety of colors. It is always best to pair the scarf in a color contrasting with the dress.

Over the knee socks
If someone is planning to wear a dress or a skirt but still wants to remain warm, a pair of over-the-knee socks can come in handy. These are usually made with wool and are warm. Subtle colors like beige, white, or black can be used while pairing the socks with the dress.

Gloves are a staple winter wear. There are a variety of styles and patterns available in the market. Gloves go well with almost all kinds of dresses. For formal dresses, a pair of elbow length gloves in subtle tones will definitely add an air of subtle sophistication. For casual wear, gloves in bright colors and cute patterns will look great.

Earmuffs look great when paired with the right dress. Casual dresses and jeans go well with earmuffs. Since plenty of patterns, shapes, and color choices are available in earmuffs, it is necessary to pick the right ones for your dress. Pick a earmuff that is the same color as the top.

Leg warmers
People who get cold way too fast or are planning to spend quite a lot of time outdoors can consider using puffer leg warmers. They can be paired with puffer jackets and will look cool on most people. The only catch is that the wearer may look a bit puffed up, but then that kind of adds to the charm of these type of clothing accessories.

Woolen leggings with patterns on them look great while worn under a dress or a skirt. They serve the dual purpose of keeping the person warm as well as looking fashionable. They are available in both subtle shades as well as colorful shades.