This coming year promises to be a year of innovations as far as smartphone security, battery life, sound, storage, and even some virtual reality capabilities. However, with so many top rated smartphone brands and models to choose from, it can be hard to decide on your next smartphone purchase. Read on for specific details on the top-selling brand and model smartphones in 2022:

1. iPhone X Fold
The iPhone X Fold is one of the most exciting new phones coming out in 2022. This cool 2-in-1 cellular phone comes with the main screen and a secondary 4-inch folding screen that can be opened to access a keyboard. It has amazing build quality, awesome screen resolution, impressive camera specs, and offers compatibility with both iOS and Android systems. This phone also boasts wireless charging capabilities that allow the user to recharge the battery without plugging it into an outlet. In terms of pricing, this device is currently available for preorder at $1,000 USD, with expected availability in early 2022. Added benefits include 5G connectivity at launch, fast battery charging technology, retina scanning capabilities built into the Home button for added security, 64GB storage capacity (with upgrades available up to 5TB).

2. Surface Duo 2
The Surface Duo 2 is packed with many exciting features. Frontside, you’ll find thin bezels, no buttons at all, and a 4K display. This phone also has colored LED back lighting that can also act as a flash for the camera. Surface Duo 2 runs on Windows 10 OS so it’s features automatically include compatibility with Microsoft Pencil 2, lower energy consumption than most similar devices, water-resistance technology for added protection from spills or drips, Bluetooth capabilities built into the hardware of the phone itself to eliminate latency issues, 64GB standard storage capacity (upgradable to 5TB). This model is offered in four brilliant colors including black, gold, pink, and blue (color availability varies regionally) at an average cost of $1,000 USD.

3. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 is arguably the hottest new phone coming out in 2022. The iPhone 13 and its upgraded model, iPhone 13 Pro, are sure best sellers with features that include 3D Touch with 4K resolution, virtual reality capabilities, retina scanning for added security features, higher pixel density per inch than current models, double battery life capacity, compatibility with Apple Pencil 2, Siri’s newly released wristband accessory for ease of use (included), NFC communications capabilities, HDR photography functionality for taking selfies, interchangeable cases available at launch, and built-in wireless charging. The iPhone 13 models also come with 64GB storage capacity as standard, but this support can be upgraded to 5TB if your budget allows it. The average cost of the iPhone 13 currently starts at $1,000 USD.

4. Samsung Galaxy S22
This brand new Samsung Galaxy S series phone is expected to be a popular seller as well. The Samsung Galaxy S22 incorporates facial recognition technology as well as retina-scanning capabilities for added security. Additional features include a 4K resolution with 360-degree sound and viewing, 64GB storage capacity as standard but upgradable to 5TB if your budget allows it, wireless charging capabilities, water-resistance technology for added protection from accidental spills or sprinkles, virtual reality compatibility at launch. The cost for the Galaxy S22 is estimated to start at $1,200 USD.

5. Google Pixel 6
Coming from Google, this already impressive phone is another popular choice with it’s upgraded 3D touch screen and the ability to make calls over Wi-Fi. The Pixel 6 will be available in gold or black with a sleek design and a glass backing that provides a more expensive look and feel. Plus, this phone can be customized with added colors on its front face for an extra charge. The Pixel 6 features signature Google Pay capability, retina scanning capabilities built into the home button for added security, 64GB storage capacity as standard (and upgradable to 5TB), fast battery charging technology, virtual reality compatibility at launch. The average cost of the Google Pixel 6 will be $1,000 USD.