Smart display devices look similar to tablets, but they aren’t meant to be carried around. Instead, they occupy a permanent space in your home. Smart display devices are great at controlling your smart home. You can also use them to perform various tasks like running a search on the internet, adding something to your to-do list, making a phone call, or checking your calendar. They are effective smart speakers with touch screens attached. The screen provides extra information and additional controls.

Know what smart displays can do
Smart displays provide you with information about restaurants if you want to eat something, display a detailed weather forecast, or even show a step-by-step process to cook a recipe. It can read the news for you, give you sports reports, set alarms, and also stream your favorite songs. You can get all of these things done with the help of voice commands.

While smart speakers help you make a phone call, you can make video calls with the help of a smart display. You can also watch music videos of the songs you are streaming.

If you are bored and want to entertain yourself with some fun trivia, you can ask the device any question you want, and it will tell you the answer and the source for that answer.

Apart from watching videos, you can scroll through your photos just like you can with a digital photo frame. If you have a smart doorbell that connects to your device, it can show who is at the door. You can control smart lights by tapping or sliding a bar to dim the lights to the level you want.

Advantages of smart display devices
The biggest advantage of using a smart display is that it makes multitasking easy. While you are looking at a recipe, you can answer your phone, add things to your schedule, and then go back to your recipe without touching your device.

As these devices are voice activated, you can continue your everyday errands without having to touch your screen for every little thing. It is an efficient device that helps in getting the tasks done without causing too much trouble.

Drawbacks of a smart display device
Even though these devices get a lot done, they are still not built to get everything done. Though these devices can act as mini televisions, there are no digital TV tuners available to enjoy various TV channels. Also, most of these devices are not equipped with browsers that allow for surfing the internet. A major drawback is that not all smart display devices have robust speakers. Another point to note is that these smart display devices are quite expensive as compared to smart speakers, even though both are capable of performing tasks based on voice commands. So, if a consumer does not find the display appealing, they can opt for smart speakers instead.