Whether you are a newbie photographer or a highly experienced one, there are a few accessories that you cannot do without. Of course, it’s your camera and your skills that result in good pictures. But the accessories will help to enhance the quality of your photo and help you take more and better photos. You do not have to buy anything fancy. You will find everything you need below $250. With the right accessories in your arsenal, you can take your photography to the next level.

Camera bag
This is the most important camera accessory. It will, of course, not make your photos look better, but it will definitely help you take more photos. A camera backpack can make shooting very comfortable. Find a bag that has enough space for all your gear and accessories. The bag must be sturdy enough and distribute weight evenly. So when you go on a hike for your next shooting assignment, you will be able to cover more distance and find that perfect scene waiting just for you.

Every good photographer needs a tripod. These are essential camera accessories to add to your kit. If you have to shoot in limited light or have to use slow shutter speeds for long exposures, a tripod can help click the quality picture. Tripods are great for shooting landscapes with long exposure and in low lights. You can capture everything from waterfalls to night scenes to fireworks.

Buying filters may seem redundant now as you can add them digitally. However, there are a few filters that can greatly enhance the quality of your photos. For instance, get a circular polarizing filter. It controls reflected light. You can control the intensity of colors when you are shooting landscapes or anything outdoors. Another good recommendation is the ND or neutral density filter, which restricts how much light can enter your camera. It is like giving your camera a pair of shades. This filter can help to create long exposures whenever you are shooting during day time. Also, if you are using a wide aperture and want to blur the background while shooting in bright light, you can use an ND filter. Graduated ND filter can also be a good addition to your camera bag. These are great for landscape photography when you do not want over-processed colors and need a wider range of light.

50mm prime lens
Camera lenses are the most basic accessory you should have with you. Most photographers always keep a 50mm f/1.8. With a price tag of anywhere between $100 to $250, this is the cheapest lens you will find. Moreover, the f/1.8 aperture is wide and gives wonderful soft backgrounds to your photos. Also, it is known to be a great lens to work with in low light. Additionally, the 50mm focal length is perfect for photographing people. If you are still using a kit lens, switching to this prime lens can do wonders to your photography. However, these lenses don’t have a zoom feature. But that is what makes them the most affordable lenses.