Having a baby will bring about a plethora of changes in your life. You will soon start seeing things and approaching them differently. As new parents, there are high chances that your “threat detection” skill will be in overdrive. However, this is completely normal and quite essential as well. When the baby starts crawling that’s when you have to be on high alert. There are ways of avoiding potentially dangerous situations if you baby-proof the house. However, there’s another thing that needs baby-proofing as you will be using it quite often—your car.

Children are quite curious by nature, and this curiosity can often have disastrous consequences if proper measures aren’t undertaken on time. Baby-proofing the car has become a compulsory task. You need to ensure that your child is safe in the car, and this involves equipping your vehicle with the essential baby-proof products.

Car seat
Sitting in the car with your baby on your lap is a big no. Instead, you need to invest in the right car seat engineered especially to keep your child safe. Newborn infants will need a group 0 rearward-facing car seat, and it is advisable to purchase it from a reliable manufacturer. Also, there are instances when these baby car seats might not fit all cars, which is why you shouldn’t shy away from seeking help from experts. Before you buy the car seat, check the manual and gauge whether the particular car seat will fit in your car. Moreover, pay attention to the installation of the car seat. Car seats that aren’t properly fitted cannot offer the required amount of protection and can result in more disasters. Also, ensure that you follow the cardinal rule of baby-proofing the car, i.e., the seat has to be rear-faced.

Sun visor
A sun visor is a must for children when they are in the car. A sun visor is a necessary addition to your car as it is not advisable for a baby younger than six months of age to be exposed to direct sunlight. Fixing a sun visor is easy, you can either fix it on your own or ask someone else to fix it for you. The sun visor will protect the baby from harsh sunlight and will also alert other drivers that you have a baby on board.

Seatbelt cutter
It is advisable to stay prepared for all types of situations. Which is why you shouldn’t refrain from investing in a hammer seatbelt cutter for the glove box. In dire situations, a seatbelt cutter can come in handy in freeing stranded passengers in the event of an accident. You can buy a seatbelt cutter from online or traditional brick and mortar stores. This might come across as ominous, but it does save lives in the nick of time.

Wet wipes
Wet wipes are for emergencies. Babies do not understand hygiene. So, instead of resorting to last minute techniques or rushing to find a mall, ensure that you have wet wipes stacked up. Whether it is sticky fingers, crumbs, spills, or if your baby had a bowel movement, wet wipes always come in handy. So, instead of panicking, it is always advisable to keep a pack of wipes stored away in the glove box.